Table 1.

Species richness estimates for the tropics and the three main tropical subregions

RegionSpecies observedStems observedUnidentified stems, %Fisher’s alpha minimumFisher’s alpha maximumStems estimatedSpecies minimumSpecies maximum
Africa1,376117,9028.4218.7286.63.4 × 10114,6265,984
America4,375116,75413.5897.21,203.48.9 × 101118,58924,580
Indo-Pacific5,672422,9749.6925.81,225.27.7 × 101119,01424,819
Pantropical11,371657,63010.11953.02,607.72.0 × 101240,51753,345
  • Observed values represent the numbers in the original dataset. Unidentified stems were excluded from estimation of minimum Fisher’s alpha, but used to calculate maximum Fisher’s alpha. Estimated stems represent the number of stems predicted to occur within 500 km of each of the 207 sample locations.