Table 1.

Top 15 SBs in science

BAuthor(s)TitlePublication, awakening yearJournalField
11,600Freundlich, HConcerning adsorption in solutions1906, 2002Z Phys ChemChemistry
10,769Hummers, WSPreparation of graphitic oxide1958, 2007J Am Chem SocChemistry
Offeman, RE
5,923Patterson, ALThe Scherrer formula for X-ray particle size determination1939, 2004Phys RevPhysics
5,168Cassie, ABDWettability of porous surfaces1944, 2002Trans Faraday SocChemistry
Baxter, S
4,273Turkevich, JA study of the nucleation and growth processes in the synthesis of colloidal gold1951, 1997Discuss Faraday SocChemistry
Stevenson, PC
Hillier, J
3,978Pearson, KOn lines and planes of closest fit to systems of points in space1901, 2002Philos MagStatistics
3,892Stoney, GGThe tension of metallic films deposited by electrolysis1909, 1989Proc R Soc Lond APhysics
3,560Pickering, SUCXCVI.–Emulsions1907, 1998J Chem Soc, TransChemistry
2,962Wenzel, RNResistance of solid surfaces to wetting by water1936, 2003Ind Eng ChemChemistry
2,736Wilson, EBProbable inference, the law of succession, and statistical inference1927, 1999J Am Statist AssocStatistics
2,671Langmuir, IThe constitution and fundamental properties of solids and liquids. Part I. Solids1916, 2003J Am Chem SocChemistry
2,584Moller, C;Note on an approximation treatment for many-electron systems1934, 1982Phys RevPhysics
Plesset, MS
2,573Pugh, SFRelations between the elastic moduli and the plastic properties of polycrystalline pure metals1954, 2005Philos MagMetallurgy
2,258Einstein, ACan quantum-mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete?1935, 1994Phys RevPhysics
Podolsky, B
Rosen, N
2,184Washburn, EWThe dynamics of capillary flow1921, 1995Phys RevPhysics
  • From left to right, we report for each paper its beauty coefficient B, author(s) and title, publication and awakening year, publication journal, and scientific domain. See SI Appendix, Fig. S4 for detailed citation histories of these papers.