Table 2.

Means and ranges of age, body mass, and percentage of tissue composition for bonobos and humans

SampleAge, yBody mass, kgMuscle, %Skin, %Fat, %
P. paniscus34.034.337.413.0*3.6
 F (n = 6)
P. paniscus23.442.751.610.80.005
 M (n = 7)
H. sapiens§75.557.328.65.636.3
 F (n = 20)22–9432.0–75.416.8–39.03.1–9.09.4–54.1
H. sapiens56.662.439.46.120.3
 M (n = 29)26–8738.5–88.927.3–45.54.4–9.55.2–30.2
  • F, female; M, male.

  • * Based on five females only.

  • Minimum estimate (Materials and Methods).

  • Based on five males only.

  • § Predominantly older Belgium sample that died of natural causes (32).

  • Four males of unknown age. Two males were eliminated because they were preadult individuals.