Table S2.

Kinetics of REGN3051 and REGN3048 binding to MERS-CoV-RBD

mAb capturedBinding kinetics at 37 °C
mAb capture level (RU)10 nM MERS-RBD-mFc bound (RU)ka (1/Ms)kd (1/s)KD (M)t1/2 (min)
REGN305148 ± 0.8241.89E+068.19E-054.33E-11128
REGN304846 ± 0.8261.85E+068.95E-054.85E-11117
  • Anti-MERS-CoV S antibodies binding to MERS-RBD-mFc protein was determined by real-time surface plasmon resonance. The dissociation rate constant (kd), rate constant (ka), equilibrium dissociation constant (KD), and binding half-life (t1/2) are indicated.