Table S1.

Competitive/noncompetitive binding of REGN3051 and REGN3048 to MERS-CoV-RBD

mAb-1mAb-1 capture level (nm)Binding of precomplex of mAb-2 and MERS-RBS-mFc to captured mAb-1
REGN3048REGN3051Isotype control mAbNo mAb
  • Binding of the precomplex of MERS-RBD-mFc and anti-MERS-CoV antibody to the AHC Octet biosensor captured antibody is tabulated. MERS-CoV-RBD-mFc premixed with either an isotype control or HBS-P Octet buffer was used as negative control to test for MERS-CoV-RBD-mFc binding to AHC captured antibody. Binding signal observed for self-competition (shown in italics) is a result of nonspecific binding of anti-MERS-CoV antibody to unoccupied AHC capture surface. No competition between antibodies suggests distinct binding epitopes and is shown in boldface.