Table S4.

Pearson correlation coefficients from correlations between parameter estimates from the alternative phylogenetic comparative analyses

A) Pairwise relationshipsEqualGrafenNeePagel
B) Long-term frequency
C) Phylogenetic mean
D) Full vs. indigenous
 Long-term frequency0.9890.9880.9750.991
 Phylogenetic mean0.9870.9900.9920.990
  • (A–C) Comparison of results using different branch-length assumptions for A) Pairwise relationship LR values, B) long-term frequency estimates, and C) phylogenetically weighted mean frequency estimates. Upper triangles in italics in A–C represent results using the full sample (n = 304; i.e., including 103 recordings with evidence of horizontal transmission) and the lower triangles represent results using the indigenous subsample (n = 201). (D) Comparison of results using full sample vs. indigenous sample. See SI Methods for full details and Fig. S2 for visualizations of branch lengths under the assumptions of equal branch length and the transformation methods of Grafen, Nee, and Pagel.