Table S2.

Specific surface areas and pore volume distributions of Fe/N/CF for pores of diameter <50 nm in Fe/N/CF, compared with two representative amorphous carbons

Surface propertiesBlack PearlKetjenblackFe/N/CF
BET, m2⋅g−11,432798809
Surface area of pores ≤2 nm, m2⋅g−1867398780
Surface area of pores ≤50 nm, m2⋅g−1960507788
S≤2nm/S≤50nm, %907899
Total volume in pores ≤80 nm, cm3⋅g−10.9550.5080.330
Volume of pores ≤2 nm, cm3⋅g−10.3710.1670.271
Volume of pores ≤50 nm, cm3⋅g−10.7660.4630.323
V≤2nm/V≤50nm, %483684