Table S1.

Active and passive versions of the sentences used in experiment 1

PairMirror image sentence 1Mirror image sentence 2Use in experiment 1
Active voice
 1The grandfather kicked the babyThe baby kicked the grandfatherConnectivity
 2The mother struck the boyThe boy struck the motherConnectivity
 3The father pulled the childThe child pulled the fatherROI localization
 4The grandmother touched the girlThe girl touched the grandmotherROI localization
 5The truck hit the ballThe ball hit the truckROI localization
 6The door smacked the branchThe branch smacked the doorROI localization
Passive voice
 1The baby was kicked by the grandfatherThe grandfather was kicked by the babyConnectivity
 2The boy was struck by the motherThe mother was struck by the boyConnectivity
 3The child was pulled by the fatherThe father was pulled by the childROI localization
 4The girl touched the grandmotherThe grandmother touched the girlROI localization
 5The ball was hit by the truckThe truck was hit by the ballROI localization
 6The branch was smacked by the doorThe door was smacked by the branchROI localization