Table S1.

Sample sizes of the 51 songbird species captured at the Phantom Road and control sites in southwestern Idaho during fall migration in 2012 and 2013

SpeciesLatin namenBody conditionStopover efficiencyCapture rate
All species9,924-**
Ruby-crowned kingletRegulus calendula2,677+*−*
White-crowned sparrowZonotrichia leucophrys1,220−*
Dark-eyed juncoJunco hyemalis760−*
Yellow-rumped warblerSetophaga coronata582
Dusky flycatcherEmpidonax oberholseri473
Western tanagerPiranga ludoviciana418
Yellow warblerSetophaga petechia409
Spotted towheePipilo maculatus370−*
Orange-crowned warblerOreothlypis celata310
MacGillivray's warblerGeothlypis tolmiei305−*
Warbling vireoVireo gilvus285
Cassin's vireoVireo cassinii198+*
Hammond's flycatcherEmpidonax hammondii174
Wilson's warblerCardellina pusilla166
Nashville warblerOreothlypis ruficapilla165
Townsend's solitaireMyadestes townsendi144
Townsend's warblerSetophaga townsendi132
Chipping sparrowSpizella passerina126
American robinTurdus migratorius118−*
Hermit thrushCatharus guttatus113
Cassin's finchHaemorhous cassinii112−*+*−*
Swainson’s thrushCatharus ustulatus95Species-specific models not built for those with n < 100
Mountain chickadeePoecile gambeli89
Red-breasted nuthatchSitta canadensis85
Black-headed grosbeakPheucticus melanocephalus62
Lazuli buntingPasserina amoena48
Golden-crowned kingletRegulus satrapa44
Brewer’s sparrowSpizella breweri42
Pine siskinSpinus pinus37
“Western” flycatcher species complexEmpidonax occidentalis/difficilis29
Fox sparrowPasserella iliaca25
House wrenTroglodytes aedon22
Western wood-peweeContopus sordidulus19
Black-capped chickadeePoecile atricapillus18
Golden-crowned sparrowZonotrichia atricapilla11
Brown creeperCerthia americana6
Gray flycatcherEmpidonax wrightii6
Cedar waxwingBombycilla cedrorum4
Willow flycatcherEmpidonax traillii4
Bullock’s orioleIcterus bullockii3
Least flycatcherEmpidonax minimus3
Lincoln’s sparrowMelospiza linconii3
American redstartSetophaga ruticilla2
Song sparrowMelospiza melodia2
Vesper sparrowPooecetes gramineus2
Cape May warblerSetophaga tigrina1
Evening grosbeakCoccothraustes vespertinus1
Pacific wrenTroglodytes pacificus1
Rose-breasted grosbeakPheucticus ludovicianus1
Savannah sparrowPasserculus sandwichensis1
Steller’s jayCyanocitta stelleri1
  • Twenty-one species had large enough sample sizes to allow for testing individually (those with n > 100) and showed varying responses to traffic noise at the phantom road study site. Responses to increased noise are indicated as positive (+), negative (−), or no response (blank). We considered a response to noise to exist if a model including either a covariate for dB(A) or the interaction between factors indicating noise on vs. off and control vs. road locations was within ΔAIC < 2 of the best model and 85% confidence intervals excluded zero. An asterisk (*) indicates that 95% confidence intervals excluded zero.