Table 1.

USSE installations and land cover type

Nameplate capacity, MWdcArea, km2
Land cover typePV%CSP%PV%CSP%
Barren land (rock/sand/clay)2,102121,0004877113445
Cultivated crops3,823222801411015811
Developed (all)2,03912502701011
Developed, high intensity500001000
Developed, medium intensity62440017200
Developed, low intensity1601009100
Developed, open space1,205750243611
Emergent herbaceous wetlands600001000
  • The nameplate capacity [in megawatts (MWdc)], footprint (in square kilometers), and number of photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) USSE installations (>20 MW) in California (in planning, under construction, operating) by land cover type. Bold data represent the greatest value among all land cover types.