Table S3.

Sample details for seven 13th century nonpocket pandect Bibles

Sample no.Shelf-markLibraryDateSize, mmNo. of leavesThickness, mmNo. of pages sampledLocation of productionSpecies
CL 07–08Add.7801Cambridge University Library1225–1275243 × 1645150.08–0.122FranceCalf
DCL 01–02C.III.22Durham Cathedral Library1200–1300342 × 2334382EnglandSheep
DCL 03–04A.II.3Durham Cathedral Library1200–1300415 × 2654152Northern FranceCalf
RLB 58–60Ms 9111–9114Royal Library of Belgium1286–1286421 × 3149720.125–0.283GermanyCalf
RLB 61–63Ms II 2523Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300495 × 3585880.186–0.2613Low CountriesCalf
U Penn 04Ms. Codex 724Schoenberg Institute, University of Pennsylvania1275–1299375 × 2463301FranceCalf
YML 01–03XVI.D.13York Minster Library1200–1250277 × 1953260.09–0.223EnglandSheep