Table S2.

Sample details for 72 13th century pocket Bibles

Sample no.Shelf-markLibraryDateSize, mmNo. of leavesThickness, mmNo. of pages sampledLocation of productionSpecies
CCC 31–32CCCC MS 246Corpus Christi College Cambridge1200–1300156 × 1024100.05–0.082EnglandCalf
CL 001Gg.6.15Cambridge University Library1225–1250184 × 1305040.06–0.091FranceCalf
CL 002Gg.6.45Cambridge University Library1225–1250136 × 925320.07–0.11FranceCalf
CL 003–005Add.1848Cambridge University Library1225–1250156 × 1094070.07–0.23FranceGoat
CL 006Add.6159Cambridge University Library1225–1250137 × 885940.04–0.061FranceCalf
CL 057–059Pembroke 268Cambridge University Library1200–1300198 × 1284800.06–0.23FranceCalf
CL 064–067Add.8438Cambridge University Library1200–1300185 × 1304240.07–0.134FranceCalf
CL 082–086Hh.1.3Cambridge University Library1250–1275198 × 1953670.06–0.155EnglandCalf
CL 087–091Ii.6.22Cambridge University Library1250–1300142 × 1022990.06–0.125ItalyGoat
CL 092–094Ii.6.12Cambridge University Library1200–1300165 × 1044690.06–0.143FranceCalf
CL 100–101Dd.5.52Cambridge University Library1200–1300210 × 1403330.1–0.182EnglandCalf and goat
CL 102–104Gg.1.27Cambridge University Library1225–1250224 × 1534060.07–0.223EnglandCalf and goat
CL 105–106Dd.10.29Cambridge University Library1250–1275235 × 1604390.08–0.152EnglandCalf
CL 107–108Ee.1.16Cambridge University Library1200–1300208 × 1503490.08–0.132Northern France or EnglandCalf
CL 109–110Ii.4.10Cambridge University Library1225–1250242 × 1703460.1–0.22EnglandCalf
CL 111–112Ee.1.9Cambridge University Library1200–1300210 × 1502850.08–0.184EnglandCalf
CL 118–119
CL 113–114Mm.1.2Cambridge University Library1200–1300245 × 1636100.06–0.12Northern France or EnglandGoat
CL 120–121Gg.1.3Cambridge University Library1225–1275211 × 1403750.08–0.112EnglandCalf
CL 122–123Ff.6.19Cambridge University Library1200–1300146 × 975670.04–0.092Calf
CL 124–125Ff.6.20Cambridge University Library1200–1300146 × 984530.03–0.062Goat
CL 126–127Dd.15.35Cambridge University Library1200–1300148 × 944760.06–0.12Goat
CL 128–129Dd.12.47Cambridge University Library1200–1300150 × 1065020.04–0.082Northern France or EnglandCalf
CL 130–131CL 179–196Ee.6.26Cambridge University Library1220–1230198 × 1384590.07–0.2820EnglandCalf and sheep
CL 132–136Ff.6.45Cambridge University Library1225–1275144 × 1034780.05–0.095EnglandGoat
DCL 05–06A.IV.37Durham Cathedral Library1200–1300235 × 1473762England?Calf
DCL 07–10A.IV.30Durham Cathedral Library1225–1275159 × 1065764France?Calf
DUL 01–03DUL MS Cosin V.V.17Durham University Library1200–1300127 × 923220.08–0.083Southern France or Northern ItalyGoat
DUL 04–06DUL MS Cosin V.V.18Durham University Library1200–1300132 × 874200.05–0.053FranceCalf
FLP 01–03Lewis E 029Free Library of Philadelphia1230–1240182 × 1131603EnglandCalf
FLP 04–06Lewis E 028Free Library of Philadelphia1270–1270159 × 1056593FranceCalf
FLP 07–09Lewis E 030Free Library of Philadelphia1225–1250142 × 985393EnglandGoat
FLP 10–12Lewis E 033Free Library of Philadelphia1250–1250150 × 1043413FranceCalf
FLP 13–15Lewis E 036Free Library of Philadelphia1260–1280166 × 1233703ItalyGoat
FLP 16–18Lewis E 039Free Library of Philadelphia1250–1250186 × 1264033ItalyGoat
JRL 158–159MSM0163Morgan Library1229–1229220 × 1504540.09–0.152FranceGoat
KRPBMs. 56University of St. Louis1200–1300150 × 1002360.11–0.181FranceCalf
MAGGS 0214739Maggs Bros. Ltd.1200–13001Goat
MAGGS 0314754Maggs Bros. Ltd.1200–13001Goat
MAGGS 0512307Maggs Bros. Ltd.1200–13001Goat
NRO W 14PARIS BIBLEPrivate collection1225–1275158 × 1123950.12–0.121FranceCalf
OSU 01–18OSU.MS.MR.Frag.74Ohio State University1220–1220220 × 1454400.1–0.218FranceCalf
RLB 01–03Ms 2053Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300223 × 1574433France (north)Goat
RLB 04–06Ms 4911Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300130 × 931800.093–0.1493France (north), Low Countries, or EnglandCalf
RLB 07–09Ms 5627Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300140 × 945880.061–0.0783France (north)Calf
RLB 10–12Ms 8428Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300208 × 1594120.082–0.1743EnglandCalf
RLB 13–15Ms 8882Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300140 × 964860.067–0.0883France (north)Calf
RLB 16–18Ms 10517Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300150 × 956643France (north)Calf
RLB 19–21Ms 10518Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300140 × 906423France (north)Calf
RLB 22–24Ms 10520Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300140 × 857903France (north)Calf
RLB 25–27Ms 10521Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300154 × 975923France (north)Calf
RLB 28–30Ms 10522Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300178 × 1224810.074–0.1263France or ItalyCalf and goat
RLB 31–33Ms 10523Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300178 × 1163590.101–0.1723France (north)Calf
RLB 34–36Ms 10524Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300169 × 1174180.087–0.1473France (north), Low Countries, or EnglandCalf
RLB 37–39Ms 10545Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300221 × 1494620.031–0.1053France (north)Calf
RLB 40–42Ms 10753Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300211 × 1475500.06–0.0833France (north)Calf
RLB 43–45Ms 10860Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300180 × 1246040.056–0.1043France (north) or Low Countries or EnglandCalf and goat
RLB 46–48Ms 14680Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300143 × 955450.06–0.0833France (north)Calf
RLB 49–51Ms 21700Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300125 × 915830.05–0.0843France (north)Calf
RLB 52–54Ms 2663–64Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300193 × 1334560.087–0.1243France (north)Calf
RLB 55–57Ms IV 290Royal Library of Belgium1200–1300244 × 1754780.135–0.2113Spain?Goat
UPenn 02Ms. Codex 236Schoenberg Institute, University of Pennsylvania1235–1240218 × 1484651FranceCalf
UPenn 03Ms. Codex 1065Schoenberg Institute, University of Pennsylvania1240–1250178 × 1173564England?Goat
DNA UPenn 04–06
UMLB 07–08Bible Vulgata RARES 091 B47CUniversity of Melbourne1250–1300130 × 905952France or EnglandCalf
UVA 15M.MS.NAlbert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia1200–1300158 × 956030.07–0.071FranceCalf
VV 17–18Holkham Hall MS 10Holkham Hall1240–1260226 × 1522FranceCalf
VV 19–20Holkham Hall MS 11Holkham Hall1200–1300178 × 1342FranceCalf
VV 21–22Holkham Hall MS 12Holkham Hall1200–1300185 × 1232FranceGoat
VV 23–25Holkham Hall MS 13Holkham Hall1230–1250225 × 1443FranceGoat
VV 26–27Holkham Hall MS 1Holkham Hall1300–1400163 × 1082EnglandCalf
YML 04–06XVI.N.6York Minster Library1225–1275203 × 1433330.1–0.143EnglandCalf
YML 13–15XVI.N.5York Minster Library1200–1250200 × 1404200.07–0.113FranceCalf
YML 16–18XVI.N.10York Minster Library1225–1275151 × 996650.06–0.13France?Calf