Table 1.

Multilevel model analysis of monkey’s decisions and oculomotor behaviors

ObservationFixed predictorPtR2
Choice preference in offer J-SMutual gaze rate in offer J-S<0.0016.240.44
Choice preference in offer A-S<0.0015.43
Choice preference in offer A-SActor's blink rate in offer A-nS<0.0012.760.55
Actor's and partner's blink rate in offer A-S<0.0013.11
Choice preference in offer J-S<0.0013.5
Choice preference in offer A-nSActor's blink rate in offer A-nS<0.0015.460.56
Mutual gaze rate in offer J-SActor's blink rate in offer A-S<0.0017.20.31
Actor's blink rate in offer A-SPartner's blink rate in offer A-S<0.051.940.09
  • All of the models considered actor’s and partner’s identity as random predictors. These models were compared with null models including only the random effects (Table S2, theoretical likelihood ratio test). Then, to find the best fitting model, we compared models with different sets of predictors (Table S2, theoretical likelihood ratio test). Where needed, the pseudo-R2 algorithms of McFadden’s were used to compute R2. See Fig. S2 for a graphical representation.