Table S5.

Size (Cohen’s d) of the sex/gender differences in the gender characteristics included in the three analyses

No. of column in figureName of variableNumber of items comprising the variableCronbach’s αCohen’s d
 1Expectations for sexual discrimination30.680.57
 2Communication with mother50.850.47
 3Worries about weight40.910.78
 4Masculine self-esteem30.68−0.72
 5Communication with peers60.840.44
 6Problem behavior140.69−0.43
 7Gender-related attitudes170.560.65
ADD Health
 1Perceived weight10.44
 3Modified BEM femininity120.900.52
 7House work20.69*0.57
 8Engagement in sports60.68−0.47
Carothers and Reis
 3Playing golf1−1.01
 4Playing video games1−1.12
 6Taking a bath11.01
 7Talking on the phone11.11
 8Watching porn1−1.09
 9Watching talk shows11.41
  • Positive values of Cohen’s d indicate that the average in females is larger than in males.

  • * Pearson correlation.