Table S1.

Size (Cohen’s d) of the sex/gender difference in the brain regions included in the four analyses of internal consistency that used the AAL atlas

Region numberStandardized nameVBM first sampleVBM 1000* sampleVBM 1000* age 18–26 subsampleDTI FA
5Left superior frontal gyrus, orbital part0.810.50.45−0.46
6Right superior frontal gyrus, orbital part0.840.450.43−0.44
13Left inferior frontal gyrus, triangular part0.520.440.37−0.78
15Left inferior frontal gyrus, orbital part0.450.490.46−0.51
25Left superior frontal gyrus, medial orbital0.770.350.33−0.15
27Left gyrus rectus0.830.320.31−0.46
28Right gyrus rectus0.750.360.38−0.32
37Left hippocampus0.740.60.46−0.06
38Right hippocampus0.720.690.58−0.23
57Left postcentral gyrus0.440.540.42−0.32
58Right postcentral gyrus0.510.560.48−0.16
62Right inferior parietal, excluding supramarginal and angular gyri0.320.520.43−0.22
71Left caudate nucleus0.840.60.54−0.25
72Right caudate nucleus0.70.470.37−0.36
77Left thalamus−0.120.560.37−0.21
89Left inferior temporal gyrus0.060.080.07−0.73
93Cerebellum left crus II0.640.520.46−0.58
94Cerebellum right crus II0.590.530.510
95Cerebellum left hemispheric lobule III0.420.20.06−0.74
97Cerebellum left hemispheric lobule IV/V0.520.370.25−1.05
98Cerebellum right hemispheric lobule IV/V0.610.290.16−0.9
99Cerebellum left hemispheric lobule VI0.330.510.39−0.78
100Cerebellum right hemispheric lobule VI0.350.420.3−0.83
101Cerebellum left hemispheric lobule VIIB0.660.460.43−0.72
103Cerebellum left hemispheric lobule VIII0.580.380.31−0.74
105Cerebellum left hemispheric lobule IX0.450.380.24−0.84
106Cerebellum right hemispheric lobule IX0.60.360.27−0.81
113Vermic lobule VII0.520.670.6−0.49
116Vermic lobule X0.80.240.14−0.43
  • Positive values indicate that the average in females is larger than in males.

  • * 1000, 1000 Functional Connectomes Project.

  • This region was included in the analysis described in that column.