Table S3.

Probe sets used in this study

Oligonucleotide nameProbe set 1Probe set 2Probe set 3Probe set 4Probe set 5Probe set 6Probe set 7
Eub338Eub338-Rhodamine Red XEub338-Atto 655 dualEub338-Alexa 647Eub338-Atto 655 dualEub338-Pacific Blue
Cor633Cor633-Alexa 488Cor633-Alexa 488Cor633-Alexa 610Cor633-Alexa 647Cor633-Alexa 488Cor633-Alexa 610
Str405Str405-Alexa 514Str405-Rhodamine Red XStr405-Alexa 514Str405-Alexa 514Str405-Alexa 514
Pg1160Pg1160-Dy485 XLPg1160-Alexa 555Pg1160-Rhodamine Red XPg1160-Texas Red X
Pas111Pas111-Alexa 555Pas111-Alexa 488Pas111-Alexa 488Pas111-Alexa 555Pas111-Dy615
Nei1030Nei1030-Rhodamine Red XNei1030-Rhodamine Red XNei1030-Atto 633 dual
Cap371Cap371-Texas Red XCap371-Texas Red X
Act476Act476-Atto 594 dualAct476-Atto 594 dualAct476-Alexa 488
Fus714Fus714-Atto 620 dualFus714-Alexa 514Fus714-Atto 620 dual
Lep568Lep568-Atto 647N dualLep568-Atto 647N dual
Cmat175Cmat175-Alexa 514
Act692Act690-Alexa 555
Cor595Cor595-Rhodamine Red X
Act381Act382-Alexa 594
Rot491Rot491-Alexa 647Rot491-Rhodamine Red X
Prv392Prv392-Alexa 488
Vei488Vei488-Alexa 555
Lmir444Lmir444-Atto 655 dual
  • For each set, the table lists the probes used (oligonucleotide and fluorophore). Dual indicates that the probe was labeled with the same fluorophore at both 3′ and 5′ ends; if dual is not specified, the probe was labeled only at the 5′ end. Probe set 1 is shown in Fig. 2. Probe set 2 is shown in Figs. 3, 4C, and 5, Upper and Figs. S1 and S2A. Probe set 3 is shown in Fig. 4A and Fig. S2C. Probe set 4 is shown in Fig. 4 B and C. Probe set 5 is shown in Figs. 5, Lower and 6 and Figs. S2B and S4. Probe set 6 is shown in Fig. 7 and Fig. S3. Probe set 7 is shown in Fig. 8.