Table S1.

Four classes of genes targeted by PC and CBP

FactorsPCCBPH3K27acH3K27me3H3K4me3H3K4me1RNAPol IIsRNA
  • Genes co-occupied by PC and CBP are divided into four classes according to the presence (+) or absence (−) of histone marks (H3K27ac/me3, H3K4me1/me3), RNA expression, Pol II, and sRNA: (i) the active class (H3K27ac and RNA), (ii) the balanced class (both H3K27ac and H3K27me3, sRNA, and low-level RNA), (iii) the poised class (H3K27me3, Pol II, and sRNA, but no RNA), and (iv) the repressed class (absence of H3K27ac, Pol II, RNA, and sRNA). Pol II is present not only at promoter but also at the body of gene in the active class, whereas it is only present at the promoter in the poised and balanced classes.