Table S2.

Species indicator analysis showing species significantly correlated to WT or CCR-deficient poplars within each tissue

Plant compartmentOTUIndicator valueP valueRelative abundance, %
WT poplar
 StemPlantibacter flavus0.730.0149.2
CCR-deficient poplar
 RhizosphereMesorhizobium plurifarium0.710.0426.53
 RootPseudomonas putida0.710.0126.30
 StemPseudomonas putida0.95<0.0175.90
 LeafMethylobacterium extorquens0.800.024.70
  • Correlations were calculated with the Dufrene–Legendre indicator species analysis routine (Indval) in R with 10,000 permutations. The P values of the multiple hypothesis tests were corrected with the false discovery rate. NA, no significant association observed.