Table S1.

Frequency estimation of TSS-associated DSBs and translocations in NSPCs

NSPC genotypeBait DSBInput, μgTotal unique junctionsJunctions within 2 kb of the active TSS on the break-site chromosomeTranslocation, % of cellsDSBs per cell
ATM−/−c-Myc16016,476113 (Chr15)1.370.55
Xrcc4−/−p53−/−Chr12-sgRNA-116032,14471 (Chr12)0.440.18
Xrcc4−/−p53−/−Chr15-Myc-sgRNA16021,93045 (Chr15)0.410.16
  • The translocation frequency, indicated as the percentage of cells with HTGTS junctions located within 2 kb of TSSs on the break-site chromosome (Chr12 or Chr15), was determined, and the rate of DSBs per cell was calculated by multiplying the translocation frequency by the total number of chromosomes (n = 40). See main text and ref. 4 for details.