Table 2.

Estimated effects of genomic inbreeding coefficients Fgrm and Fped on LBS (number of calves produced) in each sex, and on LRS (number of calves surviving to independence at age 2 y) in females

Prob. LBS* > 0LBS* when >0Prob. LBS* > 0LBS* when >0
M12Female LBS−13.7(6.20)0.02−0.08(1.86)0.98−16.8(4.69)<0.001−2.12(1.44)0.13
M13Female LRS−14.2(6.77)0.03−9.59(3.78)0.003−18.7(5.62)<0.001−4.13(2.07)0.05
M14Male LBS−31.7(11.8)<0.001−23.3(13.0)0.06−18.6(5.25)0.001−14.9(3.92)<0.001
  • The models simultaneously estimate the effect of inbreeding coefficients on the probability of breeding (“Prob. LBS > 0,” binomial part) and on the number of offspring, conditional on having at least one offspring (“LBS when > 0,” truncated Poisson part). Significant effects (P ≤ 0.05) are indicated in bold. The estimates for the random effects in each model are given in Table S3. Sample sizes ranged from 384 to 458 (see Table S2).

  • * LRS, rather than LBS, is used for M13.