Table S5.

Results of the whole-brain correlation analysis of NOE matching and self-reported confidence/neural confidence signals in the mOFC

Contrast/anatomical structureCoordinate at peakT value at peakTotal cluster sizePercent of cluster
Self-reported confidence
 Insula L−33, 21, −93.7944%
 Inferior frontal gyrus L44%
Neural confidence signals in mOFC
 Insula L−27, 30, −124.2850%
 Inferior frontal gyrus L50%
 Middle cingulate cortex L−3, −6, 453.6786%
 Supplementary motor area14%
 Inferior parietal gyrus L−51, −27, 363.8771%
 Supramarginal gyrus L29%
 Fusiform gyrus L−36, −48, −214.01191%
  • Anatomical structures are labeled according to the AAL atlas (62). Listed are all anatomical structures that contain at least 10% of all voxels of a cluster. Regions are ordered from posterior to anterior. Height threshold T = 3.3, P = 0.001, FWE-corrected at cluster level. Cluster sizes are the numbers of voxels (3 × 3 × 3 mm3) per cluster. L, left hemisphere; R, right hemisphere.