Table 1.

Teacher responses to minor student misbehavior as a function of condition (experiment 1) (n = 39)

Response or themePunitive-mindset conditionEmpathic-mindset condition
Discipline response“He would be given one warning. Once he left his seat the second time, he would be sent to the hall. If he continues to disrupt from the hall, he would be sent to the office.”“I would give the class some work to do and then I would talk to [the student] privately. He has a need that is not being met. I would try to understand the need and try to meet it.”
Coded theme(s)Threaten student; involve administratorTalk with student
Discipline response“Sit down with the disruptive student and the assistant principal to discuss why the behavior is disruptive. ... If the behavior continued, then another meeting with the Assistant Principal and the parents/guardians would take place.”“I would establish or re-affirm a policy and procedure regarding appropriate times to get up. I would see if rearranging desks … would help. I would discuss the issue with the student to work together on an equitable solution.”
Coded theme(s)Involve administratorRearrange classroom; talk with student