Table S3.

Sample size, mixed-effects model parameters, and estimated effects for data presented in Fig. S2A, ADH activity at ZH-86Fb from F2s using manual homogenization and no-intercept model

Sample sizeRandom effectsFixed effectsPlanned comparisons
Day repsConstruct-zygosityN (lines)Vials per lineTotal samplesSDUnequal variance multiplierEstimateSEt valuedfP
3Dup_hom3335Day0.011Dup_hom3.81Dup_hom1.2640.031Dup_het vs. Single_hom6.3640.0031
  • Model: lme(relative_ADH_activity ∼ -1 + construct_zygosity, random = list(one1 = pdIdent(∼day-1), one2 = pdIdent(∼line-1), one3 = pdIdent(∼vial-1)), weights = varIdent(form=∼1|construct_zygosity)). For details, see the legend of Table S1.