Table S14.

Sample size, mixed-effects model parameters, and estimated effects for data presented in Fig. 5B, D. virilis Adh mRNA at attP40

Sample sizeRandom effectsFixed effectsPlanned comparisons
Day repsConstructN (lines)Vials per lineTotal samplesSDUnequal variance multiplierEstimateSEt valuedfP
2Single2312Day0.098Single1(Intercept)2.360.17(Dup – Single) vs. Single0.4330.70
  • Model: lme(relative_ADH_mRNA ∼ construct, random = list(one1 = pdIdent(∼day-1), one2 = pdIdent(∼line-1)), weights = varIdent(form=∼1|construct)). For details, see the legend of Table S1.