Table 1.

SNPs with genome-wide significant association in fine-mapping analysis

Minor allele frequencyPWC alleles
SNPORPemmaxBase pair locationAffectedUnaffectedMinor (risk)MajorcanFam2hg19LD with topsnp (r2)Annotation
cfa25:454350401.81.5 × 10−725:45,435,0400.420.02AGAA0.74Intron of SP110
cfa25:454375682.03.1 × 10−825:45,437,5680.380.02TCTT0.82Intron of SP110
BICF2G6301041651.92.7 × 10−825:45,443,3200.400.03GAAA1Synonymous coding SP110
cfa25:454458911.96.0 × 10−825:45,445,8910.420.03GAG1Intron of SP110
cfa25:454476281.96.0 × 10−825:45,447,6280.420.03TAAT1Nonsynonymous coding SP110
  • Five SNPs displayed genome-wide significant associations in analysis performed by EMMAX incorporating two principal components to adjust for population structure. The SNPs were in strong LD and located in a 12.5-kb region within the gene SP110. The five SNPs in the table were used to construct the haplotypes displayed in Table 2. OR, odds ratio.