Table S2.

Means (SDs) of responses by condition in study 1b

Clarity5.58 (1.19)a6.07 (0.81)b5.54 (1.11)a5.55 (1.13)a
Sensory2.74 (1.38)a3.57 (1.46)b2.67 (1.29)a2.80 (1.43)a
Time context5.66 (1.13)a6.08 (0.91)b5.44 (1.32)a,c5.38 (1.51)a,b
Spatial context4.89 (1.75)a5.49 (1.34)b4.69 (1.61)a5.21 (1.47)a
Thoughts and feelings5.49 (0.98)a5.93 (0.84)b5.38 (1.28)a5.24 (1.21)a
Intensity of feelings5.02 (1.39)a5.27 (1.36)a5.02 (1.37)a4.55 (1.39)b
Timing7.98 (1.73)a7.73 (1.64)a8.09 (1.37)a7.00 (1.77)b
Positive affect2.37 (0.92)a3.06 (0.97)b2.59 (0.88)c2.87 (0.80)b
Negative affect1.73 (0.82)a1.25 (0.37)b,c1.55 (0.73)b1.32 (0.52)c
Bad–good3.84 (1.89)a5.66 (1.43)b4.68 (1.60)c5.60 (1.32)b
Sad–happy3.66 (1.89)a5.49 (1.56)b4.29 (1.72)c5.36 (1.57)b
Tense–relaxed4.13 (1.94)a5.42 (1.60)b4.59 (1.83)a5.34 (1.69)b
Negative–positive3.87 (1.78)a5.73 (1.40)b4.34 (1.84)c5.72 (1.47)b
Uncomfortable–comfortable3.93 (2.01)a5.51 (1.49)b4.72 (1.71)c5.51 (1.52)b
Distressed–satisfied3.96 (1.86)a5.38 (1.62)b4.51 (1.67)c5.34 (1.45)b
Time spent on writing (in seconds)368.35 (383.96)a326.59 (334.81)a337.20 (208.90)a300.64 (235.87)a
Number of words143.13 (89.72)a126.17 (76.29)a,b135.13 (77.64)b110.11 (74.42)b
  • Means not sharing subscripts within rows are significantly different at the P < 0.05 based on Fisher’s least-significant difference post hoc paired comparisons.