Table 1.

Neolithic and Mesolithic samples analyzed

SiteCultureSampleAge (cal BCE, 95.4% calibrated range)Genomic coverage (mean ± SD)Contamination estimate (mt)SexmtDNA haplogroupY haplogroup
ReveniaEarly NeolithicRev56,438–6,2641.16 ± 0.730.006–0.628XXX2b*
BarcınEarly NeolithicBar316,419–6,2383.66 ± 2.040.006–0.628XYX2mG2a2b
BarcınEarly NeolithicBar86,212–6,0307.13 ± 4.560.744–1.619XXK1a2*
PaliambelaLate NeolithicPal74,452–4,3501.28 ± 1.010.006–0.772XXJ1c1*
KleitosFinal NeolithicKlei104,230–3,9952.01 ± 2.20.363–1.772XYK1a2G2a2a1b
  • Dates calibrated using Oxcal v4.2.2 and the Intcal13 calibration curve. For details on 14C dating and location of the sites (Fig. 1), see SI Appendix, SI1. Archaeological Background. Contamination was estimated on mitochondrial (mt) DNA. —, indicates no genomic data available; *, indicates not applicable.