Table S2.

Nominal masses of oxygen-containing molecules observed in the flames

Nominal mass, uComment*Nominal massComment*Nominal mass, uComment*
143P only, strong198Strong258P strong, CF weak
144P strong, CF weak199P weak259CF weak
145P only, strong200CF only, strong260P strong
146P only, strong205CF only, weak261Weak
147P strong, CF weak206CF strong, P weak262CF only, weak
155P only, weak207Weak268P only, weak
156Weak208Strong269P only
157P only, strong209Strong270P strong
158P strong210Strong271P strong
159P only, strong211P weak272Strong
160Strong212CF only, strong273P strong
161Weak218Strong282P only
162P weak219Strong283P only
168CF strong220Strong284P strong
169P strong, CF weak221285CF weak
170P strong222Strong286P strong, CF weak
171P only223Strong294P strong, CF weak
172CF strong224CF only, strong295P only, weak
173P only230P only296P strong
174CF strong, P weak231P only, weak297P only, strong
176CF only, weak232Strong306CF only, weak
180P weak233Strong307Weak
181234Strong308CF weak
182Strong235CF strong, P weak310P strong, CF weak
183P strong236Strong320P only
184Strong242P only321P only
185Strong243P only322P strong
186244CF weak323P only, weak
187P only, weak245P strong, CF weak332CF weak
188CF only, weak246Strong334CF weak
193Weak247Weak335P only, weak
194Strong248Strong345P only, weak
195Strong249P only, weak346Weak
196Strong256CF weak347Weak
197CF strong257P only
  • * The comments are: CF, counterflow flame; P, premixed flames; strong, very clear signs of oxygenation; weak, shows trend of oxygenation and it could be that the signal is too weak to make a definite statement. If signs of oxygen are observed only in one of the flame configurations, the comment includes P or CF followed by the word “only.” No comment means that the mass peak clearly contains contributions from oxygenated species in both flame configurations or in the flame configuration not commented.