Table S5.

Effect sizes comparing regular speed condition with both speeds condition in study 4 and follow-up studies 1–3

Perceived time (standardized mean difference)Willful, deliberate, premeditated (standardized mean difference)First- vs. second-degree murder (logged-odds ratio)
StudyN regular speedN both speedsEffect sizeInverse variance weightEffect sizeInverse variance weightEffect sizeInverse variance weight
Study 42973060.285149.210.130150.140.05830.84
Follow-up study 12842730.142138.850.031139.180.07719.98
Follow-up study 22892700.324138.020.075139.720.41117.88
Follow-up study 33573580.316176.560.114178.460.18133.06
  • Participants in the regular speed condition watched the video three times at regular speed. Participants in the both speeds condition watched the video once at regular speed and then twice in slow motion.