Table S4.

Variable weightings on principal components axes

VariablePC1 (54%)PC2 (22%)PC3 (11%)
Mean annual rainfall−0.8380.4110.281
Mean annual temperature−0.6910.599−0.162
Soil nutrients0.725−0.1530.040
Burn percentage0.0060.746−0.644
Small nonsocial browsers−0.8790.0750.445
Medium-sized social mixed feeders0.881−0.228−0.126
Large browsers0.7850.3640.315
Water-dependent grazers0.6650.6580.238
  • The relationship between each variable and principal component axis is bound by the range from −1 to 1. The percentage of total variance explained by each axis is shown in parentheses. PC, axis in the principal component analysis.