Table S2.

Summary of Manchester cases studied

CaseGenderAge at death, ySIRM 77K (10−6 A m2/kg), WSIRM 77K (10−6 A m2/kg), GPathological diagnosis
Man-1F8549.9122Cerebral amyloid angiopathy
Man-2F6272.431.2Severe AD and dementia with Lewy bodies
Man-3M8666.631.0Mild AD and dementia with Lewy bodies
Man-4F8927.151.1Moderate cerebrovascular disease
Man-5F8024.1No sampleSevere AD
Man-6M8021.236.9Severe AD
Man-7M8714.729.5Mild AD
Man-8F82No sample24.9Moderate AD
  • The brains of eight elderly individuals were selected at random from the Manchester Brain bank archive. Five individuals were clinically demented and met neuropathological criteria for AD. The other three individuals were cognitively normal, but all bore some degree of Alzheimer type pathology, although insufficient to meet the neuropathological criteria for AD. G, gray matter; W, white matter.