Table S3.

List of the 39 climate models from the CMIP5 used in the study

ResolutionVariablesEnsemble size
Namelat x lontasmax, tasmin, huss, pspr, gz250Historicalrcp8.5
ACCESS1-01.25° x 1.875°xx31
ACCESS1-31.25° x 1.875°xx31
BCC-CSM1-1-M1.1215° x 1.125°xx31
BCC-CSM1-12.7905° x 2.8125°xx31
BNU-ESM2.7905° x 2.8125°x11
CANESM22.7905° x 2.8125°xx55
CCSM40.9424° x 1.25°xx86
CESM1-BGC0.9424° x 1.25°xx11
CESM1-CAM50.9424° x 1.25°xx33
CESM1-WACCM1.8947° x 2.5°xx73
CNRM-CM51.4008° x 1.4063°xx105
CSIRO-MK3-6–01.8652° x 1.875°xx1010
CMCC-CESM3.711° x 3.75°x11
CMCC-CM0.7484° x 0.75°x11
CMCC-CMS1.8652° x 1.875°x11
FGOALS-G22.7905° x 2.8125°x51
FIO-ESM2.7905° x 2.8125°x33
GFDL-CM32° x 2.5°xx51
GFDL-ESM2G2.0225° x 2.5°xx11
GFDL-ESM2M2.0225° x 2.5°xx11
GISS-E2-H2° x 2.5°xx185
GISS-E2-R2° x 2.5°xx245
GISS-E2-H-CC2° x 2.5°x11
GISS-E2-R-CC2° x 2.5°x11
HADGEM2-CC1.25° x 1.875°xx33
HADGEM2-ES1.25° x 1.875°xx54
INMCM41.5° x 2°xx11
IPSL-CM5A-LR1.8947° x 3.75°xx64
IPSL-CM5A-MR1.2676° x 2.5°xx31
IPSL-CM5B-LR1.8947° x 3.75°xx11
MIROC-ESM-CHEM2.7905° x 2.8125°xx11
MIROC-ESM2.7905° x 2.8125°xx31
MIROC51.4008° x 1.4063°xx53
MRI-CGCM31.1215° x 1.125°xx51
MPI-ESM-LR1.8652° x 1.875°x33
MPI-ESM-MR1.8652° x 1.875°x31
MRI-ESM11.1215° x 1.125°x11
NORESM1-M1.8947° x 2.5°xx31
NORESM1-ME1.8947° x 2.5°x11
  • All of these models had monthly output for precipitation (pr) and 250-hPa geopotential height (gz250). The 27 models that had monthly mean output of daily 2-m Tmax (tasmax), Tmin (tasmin), specific humidity (huss), and surface pressure (ps) and denoted with an x in the third column. The number of ensemble realizations for the historical (1850–2005) and rcp8.5 (2006–2099) experiments are shown in the fifth and sixth columns, respectively.