Table 1.

Lag time in months for ivory samples from 14 different seizures, grouped by region of origin, as determined by 14C dating

NameAbbreviationDate of seizureRegion of originNMean±1 σMimimumMaximumMedian
AvocadoAVOAugust 22, 2010East Africa1469−101510
HKTAHKTAOctober 17, 2012East Africa11197113718
HKTBHKTBOctober 17, 2012East Africa1414662112
Hong Kong-KenyaHKKJanuary 26, 2013East Africa1014912713
Hong Kong-NigeriaHKNAugust 7, 2013Tridom1121783023
Hong Kong-TogoHKIJuly 18, 2013Tridom103911256238
MalawiMMay 23, 2013East Africa1120953521
Malaysia*MYSDecember 11, 2012East Africa3923743924
Malaysia*MYSDecember 11, 2012Tridom283540523127
Malaysia*MYSDecember 11, 2012West Africa13191556715
Philippines7S7June 9, 2009East Africa1466−4186
PiliPILMay 6, 2011East Africa1018833120
Singapore 2002LACJune 28, 2002Zambia815662514
Singapore 2014SGPMarch 27, 2014East Africa10287204427
Taiwan153-July 6, 2006East Africa1215201698
TogoTOGIJanuary 29, 2014Tridom16251195222
  • * The Malaysia 2012 seizure had ivory assigned to three different geographic origins: East Africa, Tridom, and West Africa. Results from these different assignments are listed separately.