Table S1.

Jiskairumoko grinding tools tested for starch; handstones/manos one-handed unless otherwise noted

Block no./structure 14C datesSample no.Tool ID/provenienceTool typeSubtypeRecycled*Multiple concomitant useNo. Solanum starchNo. non-Solanum starchTotal no. starch
Late Archaic period
 Block 9/Pithouse 11Tool 57/x27a8viiManoF-c/basinX161935
 4,562 ± 73 14C y BP (AA58476)2Tool 232/aa28c7viiManoF-cX6814
3Tool 1/z26c7viManoF-c11
4Tool 2/bb27b3viManoF-c11213
5Tool 17/y25c11vMano/abrader/pecking stoneFlat/f-cXX141024
6Tool 05/x25dix11Pecking stone/ flat-faceted abrader
7Tool 378/z27axiii1Handstone
 Total no. Late Archaeic starches384987
Terminal Archaic period
 Block 3/Pithouse 38Tool 131/w36d7viiiMano/ flat-faceted abraderF-cX22
 3,448 ± 44 14C y BP (AA43382)9Tool 132/w36d7viiiMano/ flat-faceted abrader, fragmentF-cXX77
10Tool 174/ x37c7viiiaMetate frag.F-c156
11Tool 103/y34aviii10Mano frag.F-cX
12Tool 106/y36cvii7Handstone/ poss. manoBasin
13Tool 163/z36bvclayflHandstone/ pecking stoneX
 Total no. Terminal Archaic starches11415
Early Formative period
 Block 4/Rectangular Structure 114Tool 107/ ff22c0avManoF-c11
 3,410 ± 70 14C y BP (Beta-97320)15Tool 120/jj24dvii8ManoTwo-handed mano11
 3,401 ± 45 14C y BP (AA43375)
 3,330 ± 45 14C y BP (AA43376)
 3,240 ± 70 14C y BP (Beta-97321)
 Block 6/Rectangular Structure 2 and16Tool 105/ManoBasin11
 Block 7/Semi-Subterranean Structure 117Tool 125/ hh32d0aivManoF-c72330
 3,235 ± 58 14C y BP (AA45952)18Tool 198/ jj30d1ivManoBasin325
 3,208 ± 58 14C y BP (AA58475)19Tool 54/rr25a/bxii23Mano frag.F-c11
20Tool 63/rr25av10Handstone/ pecking stoneFlat/f-cX
 Total no. Early Formative starches112839
Total no. starches for all time periods5091141
  • F-c, flat-concave.

  • * Recycled manos/handstones are thought to have been recycled from (worn out or fragmented) metates/netherstones.