Table S2.

Descriptive statistics for all variables of interest (n = 3,162)

Acute stress10.5710.11056
Conflicting information exposure3.370.9404
Traditional media count1.530.7903
Direct contact from friends/family count3.221.4105
Social media count*1.901.2505
Trust in traditional media4.030.8415
Trust in direct contact from friends/family3.730.8515
Trust in social media*3.290.9115
Covariates and sample characteristics
 Survey completion week1.880.7114
 Prior trauma exposure1.060.8804
 Lockdown event exposure2.601.4309
Prior school shooting exposure16
Alone during lockdown11
Department affiliation26
  • * In model 2, complete data were available for 2,696 participants. Mean social media use was 2.22 (SD = 1.07); mean social media trust was 3.29 (SD = 0.91).

  • Sample size varies due to missing data.