Table S2.

State-level summary statistics: 1990–1998 (Table 2)

Gun homicide rate5.
Homicide rate8.
Gun suicide rate10.
Suicide rate16.64.59.611.416.122.724.9
Handgun waiting period0.630.4700111
Background checks0.740.4300111
Alcohol consumption2.
Income per capita24.33.819.119.923.929.131.7
Demographics, %
 Urban areas63.519.929.035.163.987.591.1
 Ages 0–14 y21.91.919.420.021.624.125.2
 Ages 15–17 y4.
 Ages 18–24 y9.
 Ages 25–34 y15.71.613.113.715.617.718.4
 Ages 35–44 y16.01.014.414.815.917.117.7
 Ages 45–54 y11.51.29.710.011.513.113.5
 Ages 55–64 y8.
  • Homicide and suicide rates are adult (21+) deaths per 100,000 adult residents. Alcohol consumption is measured in gallons of ethanol per capita; income is thousands of 1998 dollars. Demographic control variables are percentages of total state population. Columns beginning with “p” represent percentiles of the distribution; for example, “p10” means the 10th percentile.