Table 2.

Direct and first IRF and the difference in the composition burden in FUCLI and FUALL scheme

ParameterScenario or SOA typeFUCLI*FUALL
DRF, W m−221M20C (2100 Met + 2000 Conc)−0.0028−0.0028
20M21C (2000 Met + 2100 Conc)−0.0434−0.0226
21M21C (2100 Met + 2100 Conc)−0.0470−0.0251
First IRF, W m−221M20C (2100 Met + 2000 Conc)−0.0006−0.0006
20M21C (2000 Met + 2100 Conc)−0.0028−0.0414
21M21C (2100 Met + 2100 Conc)−0.0035−0.0426
Difference of composition burden (future-present day), mg m−2SOASO42− (nucleation)−0.011−0.013
SOASO42− (Aitken)−0.0010.094
SOASO42− (accumulation)0.295−0.043
SOASoot (fossil fuel)0.0740.053
SOASoot (biomass burning)0.1510.049
SOAother (sea salt + dust)0.0020.005
Total SOA0.5100.145
  • * FUCLI is the scheme with only climate and CO2 change in the future.

  • FUALL is the scheme with the combined effects of changes in climate, anthropogenic emissions, and land use in the future.