Table 2.

Projections of 21st century GSL rise (centimeters)

MethodThis study semiempiricalAR5 (29) assessmentSchaeffer et al. (23) semiempiricalKopp et al. (30) bottom-upHorton et al. (31) survey
50th percentile17th–83rd percentile5th–95th percentile50th percentile17th–83rd percentile50th percentile5th–95th percentile50th percentile17th–83rd percentile5th–95th percentile17th–83rd percentile5th–95th percentile
RCP 2.63828–5124–614328–607552–965037–6529–8240–6025–70
RCP 4.55139–6933–855235–709064–1215945–7736–93n.a.n.a.
RCP 8.57659–10552–1317353–97n.c.n.c.7962–10055–12170–12050–150
  • All values are with respect to year 2000 CE baseline except AR5, which is with respect to the 1985–2005 CE average. Results from this study show mean of medians, minima of lower bounds, and maxima of upper bounds. n.a., not asked; n.c., not calculated.