Table 1.

Hindcasts of 20th century GSL rise (centimeters)

ScenarioSummaryCalibrated to individual temperature reconstructions
Mann et al. (1)Marcott et al. (2)
50th percentile5th–95th percentile50th percentile5th–95th percentile50th percentile5th–95th percentile
Scenario 10.6−3.5–4.10.9−1.3–3.30.3−3.5–4.1
Scenario 24.0−0.9––7.52.4−0.9–5.9
Percent of historical
 Scenario 15−27–417−9–233−27–41
 Scenario 230−10–513924–5121−10–42
  • All values are with respect to year 1900 CE baseline. Summary results show means of medians, minima of lower bounds, and maxima of upper bounds taken across both temperature calibrations.