Table S7.

Cardiac mRNA levels of cytokines/growth factors in 72-h post-I/R Mcpt4−/− mice subjected to acute (8 h) IGF-1R inhibition using PPP or vehicle treatment

Cytokines/growth factorsCardiac mRNA (relative expression) at 72-h post-I/R
Vehicle-treated Mcpt4−/− micePPP-treated Mcpt4−/− miceP value
TNFα1.0 ± 0.360.83 ± 0.15(0.67)
TGFβ1.0 ± 0.170.82 ± 0.088(0.39)
IL1β1.0 ± 0.31.35 ± 0.46(0.55)
MCP11.0 ± 0.170.92 ± 0.12(0.68)
n per group44
  • PPP or vehicle was given over the 8-h period from 64 to 72 h after I/R. Values are mean ± SEM mRNA transcripts were determined by quantitative real-time RT-PCR, and expression was normalized against 18S rRNA. mRNA values are expressed relative to those in vehicle-treated 72-h post-I/R Mcpt4−/− mice. Values were compared by using unpaired Student’s t test.