Table S4.

PncO and GlpO antigen description and analysis

GeneSize, bpFunctionVirulent gene expression (log2) relative toAverage log2 fold changeSurface accessibleStrain conservation, % homology
PlanktonicBiofilmFull proteinSurface-accessible regionsSurface-accessible epitopes
pncO690Bacteriocin ABC transporter transmembrane protein8.54.86.6Yes959397
glpO1,827α-Glycerophosphate oxidase95.97.4Yes999898
  • Gene expression values were determined by Pettigrew et al. (36), and surface accessibility was established using the InterPro database ( Strain conservation was calculated by accounting for gap and mismatches in the gene sequences of 30 S. pneumoniae strains with complete genomes available in BLAST ( Epitope regions were predicted with the BepiPred linear epitope prediction method using IEDB Analysis Resource (