Table S5.

Sample of Neandertal and Pleistocene AMH middle ear ossicles, tympanic sulcus, and oval window

SpeciesSpecimenMalleusIncusStapesTympanic sulcusOval windowInstitutionVoxel size (mm) and analyzed side
Homo neanderthalensisAmud 1XXXTAU0.091 (l)
Homo neanderthalensisAmud 7XTAU0.013 (l)
Homo neanderthalensisEhringsdorf H1026XXXXSBW0.025 (l)
Homo neanderthalensisKrapina 38.1XXCMNH0.055 (r)
Homo neanderthalensisKrapina 38.12XCMNH0.055 (r)
Homo neanderthalensisKrapina 38.21XCMNH0.055 (r)
Homo neanderthalensisKrapina 39.1XXXCMNH0.055 (l)
Homo neanderthalensisKrapina 39.3XXCMNH0.06 (l)
Homo neanderthalensisKrapina 39.4 (part of Krapina 1)XXXXCMNH0.055 (l)
Homo neanderthalensisKrapina 39.13XXCMNH0.055 (l)
Homo neanderthalensisKrapina 39.14 (part of Krapina 10)XX*XXCMNH0.073 (l)
Homo neanderthalensisLa Chaise de Vouthon-Abri Suard S17XXMA0.044 (l)
Homo neanderthalensisLa Chapelle-aux-Saints 1XXXXMNHN0.090 (l)
Homo neanderthalensisLa Quina H5XXXXMNHN0.06 (l) to 0.109 (r)
Homo neanderthalensisLe Moustier 1XXXMfVFG0.082 (l)
Homo neanderthalensisPech de l’Azé 1XXXXXMNHN0.03 (r)
Homo sapiensAbri Pataud 1XXMNHN0.0384 (r)
Homo sapiensCro-Magnon 1XXXMNHN0.0398 (r)
Homo sapiensQafzeh 12XXTAU0.0133 (r)
Homo sapiensQafzeh 15XXTAU0.0133 (r)
  • CMNH, Croatian Museum Natural History; MA, Musée Angoulême; MfVFG, Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte Berlin; MNHN, Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle; SBW, Senckenberg Museum Weimar; TAU, Tel Aviv University.

  • * The incus of Krapina 39.14 was only used for calculation of its CoM but left out of shape analysis.

  • Not used for computation of middle ear angles and middle ear length.