Table S2.

Whole-brain effects of monetary gains on fMRI signal: Parametric effect of feedback contrast thresholded at an FWE-corrected P < 0.05 threshold with 100 voxels of cluster extent

Anatomical areaCluster sizeCoordinatest value
Right VS82799−109.06
Right frontal superior orbital gyrus2131−195.58
Right pallidum213−45.53
Left VS1,391−139−109.02
Left frontal middle orbital gyrus−2534−196.29
Left insula−35096.23
Left inferior parietal lobe1,121−50−25465.77
Right midcingulate area3−10495.75
Left midcingulate area0−4435.54
Left superior frontal gyrus (BA 8)201−1624465.13
Left middle frontal gyrus−3518403.80
Right middle occipital gyrus82434−9705.11
Right calcarine sulcus12−9764.63
Right lobule VIII of cerebellar hemisphere72918−62−505.03
Left lobule VIII of cerebellar hemisphere−22−50−504.95
Right precuneus4436−50654.96
Left precuneus−7−50654.88
Right postcentral gyrus12846−28494.94
Right supramarginal gyrus43−31404.80
Left lobule IV, V of cerebellar hemisphere110−16−41−284.09
  • MNI coordinates are used. Cluster size denotes number of voxels. For better location of the different regions, several peak voxels for each cluster are reported.