Table 3.

Age-specific share, in percentage points, of the total male–female difference in life expectancy for eight high-mortality populations during extreme mortality conditions

PopulationAge 0–1 y, %Age >1 y, %
Liberia, 1820–18437723
Trinidad, 1813–181688–77*12–23*
Ukraine, 19332278
Sweden, 17732080
Iceland, 1846108−8
Iceland, 18825347
Ireland, 1845–18496733
  • * Values refer to lower and upper bound.

  • The values of 108% and −8% are explained by the fact that the contribution of the 0–1 age group to the sex gap in life expectancy was 1.033 y in favor of women, while the overall difference was 0.96 y because other ages contributed with negative values (in favor of men).