Table 1.

The effect of varied amount of noise on link weights on the percolation analysis for the two groups

Noise SDLSCHSCt test
0.000114.76 (0.002)15.64 (0.006)−2,790.59***
0.00114.76 (0.031)15.65 (0.024)−507.56***
0.0115.10 (0.200)15.81 (0.176)−59.35***
  • The calculation of the integral is repeated 500 times for each of the different noise variances added to the link weights in the two networks (SD in parentheses). An independent samples t test statistically examined the difference between the two distributions with the different noise Gaussians. Noise SD, SD of noise Gaussian added to link weights; LSC, low semantic creative individuals; HSC, high semantic creative individuals; ***P < 0.001.