Table 1.

Heterogeneity over facets

First forward mask duration0–50 ms40 ms0.42
Second forward mask duration0–50 ms30 ms0.52
Total forward mask duration0–100 ms70 ms0.59
First backward mask duration0–50 ms40 ms0.49
Second backward mask duration0–50 ms30 ms0.52
Total backward mask duration0–100 ms70 ms0.69
Masked cue duration0–50 ms30 ms0.90
Blank interval duration250–750 ms500 ms0.93
Intertrial interval duration500–1,500 ms1,000 ms0.55
Mask and cue color13 colorsWhite0.13
Mask and cue contrast0.5 ≤ × ≤
Target center color13 colorsRed0.10
Target center contrast0.5 ≤ × ≤
Target surround contrast0.5 ≤ × ≤
First mask symbol@, #, $, %, &, ?#0.06
Second mask symbol@, #, $, %, &, ?%0.06
LocationSix locations0.36
  • * ρ^ indicates the observed heterogeneity that the facet introduces in the effect of masked cues on accuracy (lower values indicate greater robustness).

  • Twelve hues were sampled between integer multiples of 30° angles in HSV color space; the 13th color was white.

  • The locations were the research laboratories of authors C.D. (Sydney, Australia), C.N.W. (Syracuse, NY), D.R.L. (Melbourne, Australia), D.v.R. (Groningen, The Netherlands), J.S.T. (Nashville, TN), and J.V. (Irvine, CA).