Table 2.

Parameters used for injection capacity estimation and pressure calculation

ParameterDescriptionNominal valueUnits
QVolumetric injection rateSite-specificm3⋅s−1
kPermeability of formationSite-specificm
hThickness of porous region in formationSite-specificm
ΔPmaxPressure buildup at the injection wellSite-specificPa
μDynamic viscosity of water5.8 × 10−4 (at ∼47 °C)Pa⋅s
TTimeframe for injection30 Y (= 9.5 × 108 s)s
Porosity of formationSite-specific
cCompressibility of rocks1 × 10−09Pa−1
reRadius of pressure influenceSite-specificm
ρDensity of water1,000kg⋅m−3
gAcceleration of gravity9.81m⋅s−2
dDepth to center of formationm
αMaximum allowable pressure differential0.5