Table 1.

Study participant characteristics and comparison with the NHANES

VariablesStudy participantNHANES adultStandardized incidence ratio (55)95% CIP value
 Age, y4.43E-40*
 Measured BMI
  Median (25–75%)26 (23–29)24.7 (20–30)
 Measured systolic blood pressure
  Median (25–75%)123.5 (115–133)116 (106–128)
 Measured LDL
  Median (25–75%)114.5 (96–135)103 (81–127)
  Ever told you had cancer or malignancy15.1%9.5%1.51.02–2.163.39E-02*
  Ever told you had coronary heart disease4.1%4.0%0.90.38–1.747.98E-01
 Chronic respiratory diseases
  Ever told you had COPD1.0%3.3%0.20.02–0.889.52E-02
 Diabetes, urogenital, blood, and endocrine diseases
  Doctor told you have diabetes4.6%7.5%0.30.13–0.549.63E-04*
 Cirrhosis and other chronic liver diseases
  Ever told you had any liver condition6.1%4.1%1.10.55–1.897.75E-01
 Neurological disorders
  Blood relatives have Alzheimer’s disease13.2%13.3%1.00.63–1.441.00E+00
Risk factors
 Alcohol use
  Had at least 12 alcoholic drinks per 1 y90.0%70.0%1.20.99–1.372.76E-02*
 Tobacco smoking
  Smoked at least 100 cigarettes in life38.4%42.2%0.80.58–0.978.90E-02
 High LDL cholesterol
  Now taking prescribed medicine78.9%85.4%1.10.74–1.486.02E-01
 High blood pressure
  Ever told you had high blood pressure23.0%33.7%0.50.38–0.696.81E-06*
  Taking prescription for hypertension73.8%83.6%0.80.54–1.142.44E-01