Table 1.

Area-weighted mean SOC stocks (0–20 cm) and amounts of returned crop straw/stover in 2011 (N refers to the number of counties investigated; the lower and upper limits of SOC stock refer to the 95% confidence intervals of the bootstrap estimates)

RegionnSOC stock (Mg C ha−1)Straw/stover residue input (Mg C ha−1)
MeanLower limitsUpper limits
Northeast China842.2040.6843.760.39
North China621.1520.0422.331.38
East China1630.4229.7931.030.82
Southwest China834.0732.6635.560.72
South Central China1329.5928.8330.341.16
Northwest China720.9820.3121.730.84
Whole China5832.9032.3433.470.89