Table 1.

Comparisons of community structure between depths

Surface vs. mesopelagicSurface vs. bathypelagic
Size fractionRP valueRP value
0.2–0.8 µm−0.180.752−0.180.829
0.8–3.0 µm−0.140.6750.290.11
3.0–5.0 µm0.58**0.73**
5.0–20 µm0.82**0.73**
20–200 µm0.87***0.64**
  • R coefficients of the Mantel correlations between the taxonomic dissimilarity matrices from surface and mesopelagic communities and surface and bathypelagic communities, for each of the five size fractions. Higher R values mean that the compositional differences between communities at a given depth were highly correlated (and thus were similar) to the differences between communities from a different depth. Significance of the correlations is stated as follows: ***P < 0.001, **P < 0.01, and *P < 0.05.